• If you are looking for additional information about Indiana Long Term Care Insurance, consider the State of Indiana site:  I find that this site provides quality consumer information.
  • Indiana Long Term Care plans are a little different than most of the other states!  You can download their information booklet about “Answers to the most commonly asked questions from the Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Program” Click on this link for the booklet:
  • Genworth Insurance offers some valuable information about the cost for care:
  • is a free service by the National Council on Aging that is committed to connecting millions of eligible low-income seniors to benefit programs.  You can do a “Test Case” to see what is available.  There are many adults, that these various programs can provide an extra $100 – $200 or more in benefits.  This is not “charity” we all work hard to make these programs available to those in need – doesn’t cost you anything to check it out!