Health Insurance

There a number of options to help protect you from medical expenses.  Please remember that to purchase medical coverage that complies with the Affordable Care Act, to eliminate the possibility of having to pay a penalty.  Here are a few suggestions: 

1.   Individual Major Medical.  You can purchase this coverage under the Affordable Care Act during open enrollment or if you have a qualifying life event.  Based on your household income you might be able to receive a discount on the premium (subsidy).  If you are choosing to purchase individual medical coverage, and do not want to use the ACA Market Place, you would still need to have a Life Event to purchase coverage outside the open enrollment period. 

2.  Short-Term Medical.  Perhaps you have started a new job and have a waiting period before your group medical starts or perhaps you did not sign up for medical insurance during open enrollment and need coverage until the next open enrollment.  A short term medical plan can be purchased to cover the unexpected illness or injury.  Coverage can be for 30 days to 90 days.  Little underwriting – pre-existing conditions generally not covered for this short-term coverage.  GREAT COVERAGE at a very reasonable price. 

3.  Hospital Indemnity.  Some feel that they simply cannot afford a Marketplace major medical plan or simply do not want to get this coverage.  There are some GREAT plans available that provide basic coverage for doctor visits; hospital stays; emergency room visits and many other benefits!   Underwriting is very favorable. 

If you are interested in additional information please email or call me and we can discuss!