Flexible Life Plans

The Life Insurance industry recognizes that individual needs vary, and it is important to address these different needs!  In addition to the typical riders, like waiver of premium, accidental death benefit, here are a few additional “living benefit riders” that are available. These riders can accelerate a portion of the life insurance death benefit, based on the specific need.

Long-Term Care Rider: This type of rider allows the policyowner to access all or a portion of the death benefit early to be reimbursed for covered long-term care services.

Terminal Illness Rider: This type of rider provides an accelerated death benefit if the insured provides evidence that their life expectancy is 12 months or less.

Nursing Home Confinement Rider: This type of rider provides benefits if the insured has been confined to a nursing home for 90 consecutive days or more; and is expected to remain confined to a nursing home for the duration of the insured’s life.


There are many more riders that help make life insurance policy flexible to meet the clients needs!  As the 45+ age market increases you will see additional benefits  available on various types of insurance policies.  The insurance industry is reacting to the aging of our population!