Critical Illness Policy Explained

I have had a few questions about the Critical Illness email I sent asking me to clarify some of the benefits and the cost. Click HERE for a copy of the brochure that will do a great job of explaining the benefits.

Underwriting: If a person has had cancer, heart attack or stroke within the past 5 years, generally coverage can be written to exclude that problem. As an example, if you have had cancer treatment 4 years ago, coverage would be available for the other major conditions. Please review the brochure for additional details.

I believe this is one of the most flexible and “benefit” rich plans I have seen. Let’s talk about the plan – applications can be completed online.

Before we want to purchase an item, we want to know who is the representative offering the product. I am your local agent – check out the tab “About Charles” on my website. Hope all is well!