I want to stay in my home!

The insurance industry has heard this since Long-Term Care insurance was created! The industry, through competition and regulations, has created many benefits to help a person that qualifies for the benefits to remain at home. Approximately 52% of claims paid are for Home Care expenses!

Here are some of the benefits: Home Modifications; Caregiver Training for a Volunteer Caregiver; Home Health Care Services; Homemaker Services; Therapeutic Devise or Technology; Medical Alert System; Adult Day Care & Respite Care are some of the benefits designed to help a person stay in their home.

The cost of various long-term care services are generally not covered by health insurance, Medicare (very limited), or disability insurance, and Medicaid requires individuals to deplete their lifetime savings before being eligible for benefits.

Understanding Long Term Care Insurance can be confusing – but not as confusing as you or a loved one trying to find ways to care for someone in need of assistance with a health issue that would be covered by Long Term Care Insurance!