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As a Senior, how can I protect my assets from sickness or death?

Seniors, as a group, have a wide variety of sources to protect their assets – I believe better than those under age 65!  Medicare is a great medical plan and you have a large number of choices to supplement this valuable coverage!  Long/Short Term care plans provide financial protection if your health gets to the point of needing extra services!  Life insurance provides for final expenses and other needs – many plans are “Guaranteed Issue”!  The sources to help protect your assets continues to grow as our senior population grows. The insurance industry will provide the protection! 

I have been in the Life and Health business for over 40 years. My goal has always been to treat people the way I want to be treated – with honesty and professionalism! I have tried to provide a summary of various types of coverage we offer on this website.  Please let me know if you need additional information!

We hope the information on our website can answer some of your questions and concerns!